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Welcome to Riverview Veterinary Clinic

Riverview Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve Plainfield and the surrounding areas.  We recently have become a fully accredited AAHA practice due to the high quality medical standards offered to our patients.  Our entire team is committed to providing exceptional medical, surgical, dentistry and preventative health services for your pets.


Riverview has partnered with Vetsource to offer home delivery and online purchase of prescription medications and foods.  Please use this link to create an account or log in to process prescription orders.

Heartworm Season

There is no heartworm season!  In agreement with the American Heartworm Society, heartworm preventative should be given to pets once a month, year round, lifelong.  This affords the best possible protection against heartworm infection because it establishes a schedule routine for administering preventatives, reduces risks of resistance, and ensures protection regardless of any weather fluctuation.  Riverview Veterinary Clinic recommends Sentinel brand heartworm preventative which offers protection from 5 parasites including heartworm.

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement

Riverview Veterinary Clinic is now performing the TTA-2 procedure in dogs suffering from cruciate disease (ACL injury). This advanced technique has been shown to have improved healing time and better recovery compared to other methods.  For more information please contact the office or click here.



If you live in Plainfield or the surrounding communities and are a dog owner, he or she is likely exposed to this organism.  Shed from the urine of wild animal hosts, our pets are exposed outside from any water source.  This small bacterial organism is zoonotic, which means is can infect multiple animal species including humans.  Dogs infected with leptospirosis can suffer kidney or liver failure.  A vaccine has been developed to protect our dogs against this deadly organism.  The veterinarians at Riverview Veterinary Clinic can answer any questions you may have regarding this disease and how best to keep our pets safe.

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