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Why We Vaccinate!

Dogs and cats are susceptible to many diseases, some lethal, some difficult to treat, and most are debilitating.  Vaccines have been developed for many of these diseases for both cats and dogs.  While vaccines can protect against certain diseases, none are 100% perfect.  Some pets may still become ill after exposure, but a vaccine will […]

Nothing Heartwarming about Heartworm

Heartworm Disease Heartworm is a long, string-like parasitic worm that has the scientific nameDirofilaria immitis. It earns its common name by living in the host’s heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Heartworm can cause severe lung disease, heart failure, organ damage, and death. It is transmitted only through mosquitoes to a variety of species including dogs, […]

Vomiting Versus Regurgitation

When you come home to find a mess on the floor, it is easy to assume that the dog vomited. Vomiting is very common in dogs, as they often eat weird things! There are actually many other causes of vomiting, including parasites, kidney disease, liver problems, pancreatitis, and food allergies. Overall, there are probably at […]

Catnip: Why Cats Love It

Few things stimulate a cat’s pleasure faster than catnip. Exposure to this simple herb can reveal a new side to their feline personality. Many cats will go crazy at the smell of this plant. Catnip has a reputation of being a feline drug and many cat owners wonder if it is safe to give it […]

New Uses for Animal DNA

Advances in science have enabled the decoding of several animals’ DNA. Knowing the genome of a species has enabled medical professionals to detect some diseases that have a genetic basis. But it also has other uses, even in the criminal justice system. The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory Forensic Unit at the University of California, Davis is […]